Liam Finn McGarry

 is an artist from Newcastle, based in north London studying fine art at Central Saint Martins. His work often deals with concepts of technology and its role within society. His recent work has delved in to mixed media sculpture and installation; the work can be described as fantastic realism creating alternate worlds that parallel our own. Through the work one can see a hybridisation of new and old, showing ancient dreams and desires coming to fruition through modern means, highlighting the achievements of the modern world. 

The progression of the human race has always been rife with anxiety, from the Luddites to the Amish, to the fears of everyday people about where our teck-heavy society is going and this is an important aspect of Liam’s work. 

Liam is interested in pop culture, especially science fiction, as his work is re-appropriation of science within a fantasy to question aspects of reality, this is also the job of good science fiction. Paradoxes have also started showing up in his work through means of self-referencing. 

It is the idea that we create our understanding of our world and we are always relating everything back to our selves individually because each of us is the sole beneficiary of our experiences. This creates a state of continuous self-referencing which creates paradoxes or loops within our existence. 

So it is the belief of the artist that the end goal of the advancements in technology is to become where we presume we came from; some conscious deity. Much like a child becoming an adult and then a parent, we wish to break though the confines of limitation and become gods in our own right, fashioning life as we see fit and completing the universal paradox that is existence.